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We are a husband and wife team (Diver and Jillian) who met and spend the majority of our weekends in the outdoors.  Being weekend warriors, the summer of 2020 had us Covid stuck like so many others.  When we finally got an opportunity to head out for a weeklong trip to kayak with some friends it took us an embarrassingly long time to get loaded and out of town.  This began our discussions for a faster and easier escape to our adventures.   To be honest, we weren't one of those couples that had done substantial planning pre-purchase; we were a bit impulsive about it. Within a few weeks we had gone from never considering a van to buying a used NCV3 144" Sprinter Passenger Van.  This was our first step into the adventure van world with our diy conversion of Clifford the Radio Flyer.

Powder Skiing
Powder Skiing
Jilian and Diver Touring
Adventure Van

The conversion process for our van took us down countless rabbit holes. It exposed us to many amazing products and occasional dead ends, but along the way we learned a ton. As we started to see some gaps in the adventure van market it led to the seed of Radio Vans being placed. 

Not long after getting the Van, Diver was laid off from his role in the oil and gas industry. After 15 years he was looking forward to being fun-employed. Divers love of problem solving was a natural fit for the van conversion space. With Jillian's ability to keep him on track they started Radio Vans.

Our goal is to enable people with varied backgrounds to get professional results. Our modular solutions will also supplement up-fitters on their custom builds.  We focus on quality products that give flexibility in their use. For example our first product, the Radio Wave gear tray can adjust its width 12" to fit your space. Additionally it has bike, ski and snowboard mounts that will integrate with it.  At our core we are tinkerers, problem solvers and weirdoes. Exactly what you need for creative solutions. We can't wait to launch our solutions to support you and the adventure van community.

See you out there,

Jillian, Rad and Diver

Siffleur River
Where does the name come from, why Radio Vans?

Diver was set on Radio Flyer for the adventures he and his brother had growing up with their wagon. Unfortunately the name wasn't available! The radio part stuck - when you think about radio, it is everywhere, connecting us all; it fit what we wanted to do.  Seamless technology for your adventure, whatever your adventure may be.

Radio Vans
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